Terms of Use

Access to and use of exodos-development.gr and its services by any registered or non-registered visitor is governed by these terms.

All visitors, clients or traders of exodos-development.gr (hereinafter referred to as the visitor or client or user), before accessing, browsing and using in any way this website (such as: browsing, client registration, transaction, search, registration, submission, storage of information), clearly, explicitly and unconditionally declare that they fully accept the terms of use and operation of the website (hereinafter the terms) as well as any other term that meets all legal requirements and may appear in this website, in addition to this text, such as in the following sections: registration, contact form, personal data, withdrawal, etc.

The present terms, as well as the terms displayed in the above-mentioned sections, constitute the terms of transactions with our company’s website.

The terms of transactions are an integral part of all service contracts that are concluded remotely via our company’s website.

The provisions on terms also apply to any other term that meets all legal requirements and may appear in this website, in addition to this text.

Your unconditional acceptance of the above terms is a precondition for access to and use of this website.

Acceptance of the terms is self-evident when you use the website.

The terms included in this website, which have been formulated in advance for future contracts (general terms of transactions), are binding on the user, as long as they meet all legal requirements, i.e. their existence is pointed out in our company’s website and the user is given the opportunity to acquire true knowledge of their content.

Registration of a client on this website constitutes automatic and unconditional acceptance of the terms of use and operation of the website, and any transaction with our company’s website constitutes automatic and unconditional acceptance of the terms of transactions in general.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with any action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this website, and ensure your compliance with them.

Exodos Development reserves the right to freely modify unilaterally and without notice the terms of use and operation of this website as well as, in general, the terms of transactions within the law.

Publication on this website alone is sufficient for any new term or modification or deletion of an existing term to take effect, without prejudice to the transactions already confirmed by Exodos Development.

Visitors / users / clients must periodically check for changes to these terms.

Publication of terms alone on this webpage and in any other part of the website, meets the conditions of the need to inform clients on any modification of the terms.

The use of this website and the services provided therein presupposes but also confirms the acceptance by the client of the pre-existing terms, as they apply, with the possible modifications, interventions and abolitions by the Company, as they are described above.

Any invalidity of some of the terms (terms of use and operation of the website and terms of transactions), does not result in invalidity of the rest.

In case you disagree with the content of the terms (terms of use and operation of the website and terms of transactions) you are kindly requested to refrain from any action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this website.

Exodos Development reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the operation of this website or the services provided therein, for maintenance or upgrade works etc., at any time and without notice, without prejudice to the rights of clients and third parties that arise from the law or from a contract concluded with the Company.

For the use of the website’s services and the valid conclusion of a contract with Exodos Development, contracting parties must have full legal capacity.

Users shall refrain from defamatory acts of the website, whose sole purpose is to damage its commercial reputation.

By accepting the terms, the users of this website are obliged, when concluding any form of contract with Exodos Development, to provide accurately their complete and true information, which is required for the successful conclusion of a valid contract. The contract with the website can be concluded in Greek and in English.

All terms (terms of use and operation of the website and terms of transactions) are essential.

Any violation of the terms by the visitor / client shall result in the sanctions provided in the legislation in force as well as in the obligation of the client to rectify any positive or negative damage to the company or to a third party which resulted from the client’s behavior that breached these terms.

In case of violation of these terms, the company may deny the client access to its website and the services provided therein, delete the client’s account and the information provided by the client on this website, and exercise all rights provided by law.

Non-exercise by the company of its rights deriving from these terms or by law does not mean its waiver of these rights.

Exodos Development cannot be held responsible for any liability -apart from that provided by law- arising from the posting of the terms (terms of use and operation of the website and terms of transactions) and their content.

Apart from the responsibilities and obligations of the clients / users of this website, which are described in all terms of use, operation, payment, etc., clients shall also have the following obligations:

Clients are obliged to act within the legal framework of the Greek State, including the generally accepted rules of International Law, as well as the International Conventions, which, with their ratification by law and their entry into force according to the terms of each, form an integral part of the Greek national law and prevail over any other contrary provision of law (art. 28, par. 1, Constitution 1975/1986/2001); to respect and comply with any law or regulation of European or International legislation, which applies to the use of this website and the services offered; and to exercise their rights within the limits set by good faith, good morals and the social and economic purpose of their rights (art. 281 of the Civil Code).

For example, but not limited to:

Clients / visitors must not use this website, the website’s e-mail, the services offered by the website, the clients registration forms, or any other form of expression via this website or the Company’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube accounts etc., to post, publish, transmit information, data and, in general, any form of content that is illegal, fraudulent, abusive, defamatory and / or false, threatening, deceptive, blackmailing, insulting, provocative, offensive, obscene, vulgar, blasphemous, pornographic, racist.

Content posted on the website must also refrain from encouraging people to commit a crime or misdemeanor (art. 186 of the Criminal Code), and it must not constitute itself or its disclosure on this website a criminal act; also, it must not be discriminatory, not violate any kind of privacy rights or infringe constitutional rights or be contrary to any laws in general.

Clients / visitors are also prohibited from disclosing, in accordance with the above, advertisements of any form, as well as third party content and personal data, sensitive or not, confidential information on the company or its affiliates, “spam messages”, or other malicious software,  as well as works and data protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property law.

The users of the website are further advised to maintain an acceptable and moderate approach during their electronic interaction and communication with other users on this website, with respect to each other and to the administrators of the website and not to adopt behaviors that are contrary to the Netiquette. Adherence to the above rules contributes to the smooth operation of the Internet.

Limited license

Exodos Development, under the terms and conditions set forth herein and all applicable laws and regulations, grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right of access, use and presentation of this website and its components.

This license does not constitute a transfer of title to the website and its components and is subject to the following restrictions: 1) you must retain all notices regarding intellectual and other proprietary rights on all copies of the website and its components 2) you may in no way modify, reproduce or publicly present or distribute or otherwise use the website and its components for any public or commercial purpose, unless otherwise permitted herewith.

Limitation of Liability

Exodos Development’s website, its employees, or other agents, are not liable, under any circumstances, for any resulting, incidental, indirect, special damages or costs or monetary penalties, including, but not limited to, lost profit, company closures, loss of information or data, or loss of customers, loss or damage to property, and any third party claims arising from or in connection with the use, reproduction, or presentation of this website and its contents or any other linked website, regardless of whether the company was informed, was aware or should have been aware of this probability.

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