Maintain our market-leading position in the domestic market in high street shops by growing our portfolio with double-digit numbers per annum.


The investors could be new start-ups or established firms interested in entering  the Greek market. We aim to assist them in their search for shops at prime locations and provide support though a diversified financial model

Building relationships with new tenants & expanding in the Greek market

Activate in the UK market by leasing / subleasing high-street shops in London

1-2 years

i) Establish business relationships with UK Real Estate Agents with expertise in Commercial properties, ii) do viewings on high street shops in London, iii) allocate plots in Greece with development potential for Commercial properties.

>2 years

i) Mandate London Agents to market/sublease our shops to UK tenants, ii) market our UK shops to domestic tenants planning to gain a presence in London, iii) Establish business relationships with institutional investors who can become our future partners and clients.